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weaving classes

Introduction to 4-Shaft Weaving
This class is designed for those who feel they already know they want to work on 4 or 8-shaft floor looms, but as yet have no experience.  Students will use a portable 4-shaft table loom to learn weaving basics, fundamentals of planning warps and loom set up that translates directly to the floor looms later.  There will be “homework” in this class, so students may take the loom home between classes or work in the studio.  This introduction is a four-session series, meeting three hours once a week.  The cost is $150 and includes all materials.
This class will be followed by a 4-shaft floor loom class for those who wish to continue.

Swedish Swahl

Inkle Loom Weaving
This will be a single session class that will meet four hours.  Students will learn basic loom techniques for this unique loom designed to weave bands.  Class will result in the making of a single band with several design motifs.  The cost is $50 and includes all materials.

Classes for children
I very much enjoy teaching children to weave.  Depending on the schedule for the above classes, I could offer some short term classes for children afternoons after school. 

Private Classes
Individual classes are now available. Please call or email to set up a schedule .

All classes include equipment use and reasonable use of the weaving studio during Oaks Gallery business hours.  Class fee is due when you register for class, but would be refunded in full if enough students do not register.

Contact   Susan Morgan Leveille, 828-586-6542  or at for days, times or more details about classes.